Features of Appointext

  • No Software Installation

    When you implement Appointext, there is no software to download or complex programs to install. You simply access the Appointext application online! The online application allows you to manage customer communications from anywhere in the world you have Internet access, simply access the online program from any popular web browser.

  • Easy to Use Appointext

    was designed with user convenience in mind. It features an intuitive user interface for easy management and communication with clients. With our online support and proven performance you have no need for in house technical personnel.

  • Security

    Appointext offers users the highest level of security. All content is transmitted using the latest methods in encryption, ensuring your personal information stays just that. With our online application there is never a need for backups, your information is stored on secure servers across the country.

  • Waiting List Management

    Appointext allows your business to easily manage customer waiting lists. You can easily see how many customers are waiting and their status. Text message paging offers a easy, no-hassle method for notifying customers that you are ready for them.

  • Customizable Interface

    Appointext allows you to easily manage how you view schedules and appointments. Easily navigate between daily, weekly and monthly views. Additional calendars or date books can be added for total scheduling capabilities. Each contact can be individually labeled according to your business needs. Labels can include roles, such as; guest, patient, customer or any other identification.