Using our user intuitive interface it is easy to add reservations or appointments labeled with customer's name, appointment date, time and specific needs.

Follow Up Capabilities

Repeat clientele is crucial for many businesses, exceptional customer care can often lead to loyal customers. Appointext allows you to quickly send after care messages. Follow up with patients or clients after their appointment for added customer care.


Appointext is incredibly flexible for businesses in service based industries. Quickly and easily manage your upcoming appointments with customized text messages. Perfect for a variety of industries where appointments are often scheduled or waiting lists are used.
  • Hair and Nall Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Rental Companies
  • Medical Practices
  • Pharmachles
  • Many More!

Two Way Communications

In addition to allowing businesses to communicate with clients, Appointext also allows clients to simply respond from the convenience of their phone.

Contact Management

In Appointext you have the ability to manage your list of contacts, clients or patients. Easily add customer and contact information for efficient messaging possibilities. Our user friendly software is simple to access and easy to use. In only a few clicks you can easily schedule appointments, confirm appointments and communicate with clients. You can easily modify your calendar view to include daily, weekly or monthly schedules. In addition, our contact manager makes it easier than ever to manage your customer base and contact information. Appointext offers exceptional performance on all popular browsers with simply an Internet connection. You can access your calendar from anywhere you are! Works with many mobile devices and smart phones. There is never any additional charges for the number of computers that access your account.